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8 great reasons to visit Santorini

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Fun and Exciting experiences worth savouring when you visit Santorini
1.    Volcanic Nectar
The most beautiful moment in summer is when the sun sets and you are sipping a cocktail. This becomes all the more magic on Santorini, an island famous for its views, at a bar overlooking the caldera that is renowned for its cocktails – Crystal

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Santorini a unique island

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Santorini is a unique island in the middle of the vast blue ocean with a breathless view from any part of the beautiful cliffed land you may look. A magic island which hangs over a bottomless abysses.  Dry landscape with the houses riming the cliff tops, over the chaos of the flooded caldera and a charming hinterland with medieval villages and castles. A black and red rock in the very middle of the Aegean Sea, what was left behind from the land which was lost in the abyss, after a tremendous explosion of the volcano in the mid- second millennium B.C.

Towards the west part of the island the huge curt rocks, decked in the top with white washed houses, are diving softly in the water. These steep western coasts are transformed to endless beaches with pebbles or black –white and grey sand if you move to the east.

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Useful information

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Santorini, Thirasia and Aspronisi are the remains of the volcanic island of Strogili. The soil is fertile so the locals cultivate vineyards and tomatoes 15,000 acres with grapevines are grown, half of thgem about 7,100 acres are grown in the area of Oia. The highest point of the place is Profitis Hlias (576 m).
In our days Santorini is one of the most famous touristic places in the whole world.

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Santorini Island of light

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First went to Santorini at Christmas 1971. The night ferry docked before dawn and in the pitch dark I sleepily staggered onto an old bus. Shuddering and backfiring, it zigzagged up an almost sheer cliff side, arriving in a completely dead village, grey and chill.
Everything was shut. It wasn’t a case of “no room at the inn” so much as, “Is there any inn at all?” I found sanctuary in the church, where the population had congregated for the first Christmas day rite. In an ambience of glittering icon paintings and intoxicating incense, richly garbed priests intoned the age old verses of the Greek Orthodox mass.
It was mesmerizing, almost hallucinatory. Afterwards, in the early light, the village slowly came to life, and I found a home-stay where I had breakfast with the family. Wandering around the whitewashed village and the countryside for two days, I never saw a single tourist.

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Geographical Information of Santorini Island

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Santorini's geomorphology is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity.

The island is located on top of the volcanic arc of the Aegean Sea which consists of a series of inactive or active volcanoes spanning approximately 500 km in length and 30-40 km in width. The arc extends from the eastern coast of Greece's mainland, through to central Aegean Sea and ends at the western coast of Turkey.

The geology of Santorini presents a large variety and wealth.

Prevolcanic are the limestone layers in Prophet Εlias, Monolithos, Gavrilos and the shale rocks in Athinios. Volcanic are the pyroclastics, the lava and the thick layers of Theran earth, which consist the ground of the island. It is as thick as 40 m in the flat land but it is thinner in highlands due to corrosion. It is fertile and favors crops where the economy of the island was based on prior to the development of tourism. Vines, cereals (barley mainly), legumes, fava and, in the older days, cotton have been the basic crops from ancient times.

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