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Perissa is a beach resort situated 15 km southeast of Fira. It is next to Perivolos, situated in the shadow of the imposing Mesa Vouno, which separates it from Kamari. Perissa used to be a holiday destination for the residents of the island and had fish taverns from the old days. It grew after the 1956 earthquakes when it started being densely populated.On the beach, which has fine black sand, you will find sun beds and umbrellas.

There are beach bars, taverns, a water park, a diving center, hotels, rooms to let etc. Dominating the area is the temple of Timios Stavros (Honest Cross), the largest church in Thera, with 5 domes and an ornate steeple reconstructed with initiative from the Panthiraiki Union, after being destructed by the 1956 earthquakes. For those of you who love to walk, there is the path to Mesa Vouno. You will reach the chapel called Chamilos Profitis (Prophet) Elias and from there you will witness a view that will take your breath away! Another walk is towards Panagia Katefiani, the church built within the rock between Perissa and Mesa Vouno.

From Perissa, a small path crosses the mountain and leads to the ruins of Ancient Thera. The excursions can be made by foot or riding donkeys..
The village of Perissa is also home to the charming chapel of Agia Irena (16th-17th centuries).

Get around
Once in the town of Perissa, it is easy to rent a scooter, or take a taxi, although it is sometimes difficult to locate a taxi because the town is small. Walk in Perissa is also difficult as there isn't side walks to pedestrians. Even in the coast street you have to walk with the cars at the same place. Take care mainly during the evening when sometimes the motorcycles and scooters are running everywhere.
ATVs (all-terrain vehicle)  and scooters are the most popular options of travel on the island. Tourists can be seen driving ATVs on the main roads, which are safe to drive. Local drivers are courteous and will pass tourists on ATVs without causing too much of a commotion. Even though the main roads are paved, it is not well lit, so it is recommended that ATV pilots return back to the safe confines of their hotels before sundown.
Local busses are available for tourists and locals alike. Public busses are actually large, air-conditioned green tour busses. Public busses use Fira as a hub and spoke out to the smaller towns from there.

Messa Vuna Do not go to Perissa or Kamari without visiting here.
It is on the summit of the mountain between Perissa and Kamari. Here is a 3,000 year old ancient Greek town, which is still being excavated. Many of the relics in Athens were pulled up from here. The tour guides do not push this, because there are no organised trips there. Please be ware, this is not for those who have mobility problems. Not for the faint hearted. There is a 3km hike, up a 600M hill. then you have to walk round the ruins. Note that (as of this writing), Ancient Thira closes at 2:30pm, so this is better as a morning or early afternoon trip. Even in the evening, it is worthwhile for the views of Kamari and Perissa. From the summit, there are paths to Perissa, Kamari, or up to the monastery (from where it is possible to walk down to Pyrgos).

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