Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kokkini Paralia - Red Beach

red beach in santorini
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This impressive beach is a real attraction of the island! The view of the red, almost vertical, volcanic rocks and the small, reddish pebbles will take your breath away.
Take your camera and get ready, because one does not meet such landscapes every day. Although Santorini offers many such sites, the Red Beach is something extraordinary beautiful. Very close to the archaeological site of Akrotiri and about 8km from Fira, lies this unique beach. One has access by car until to a point (parking available) combined with walking (ascending & descending, but it’s worth it) or by boat from Akrotiri, kamari and Perissa.

The very dark blue waters combine with the red ground and the black top (because of the volcano) to an unmatched, never seen before landscape. The interesting and morphological nature of this particular area make the Red beach one of the most captivating and exciting beaches in the world. The beach offers some sun beds and a kiosk nearby for coffee, small snacks or refreshment drinks.

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