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The Cyclades- John Freely
Editions: I.B. Tauris Publishers
New York traveller John Freely compares the Cyclades to star dotted around the island of Delos- their mystical centre. In this wonderful book he trace the history, traditions and particular character of each island.

Oia in Santorini  - A Journey in Space and Time by Kadio Kolymva

Publisher: Armos Publications
This book is like a bird. A migratory bird that would like to pick ypu up gently and fly you away. Its two wings target different points, therefore have two different aims. One wants the traveller to get to know the little town of Oia and the work of its people. The other aims beyond what the senses easily perceive. It seeks to put into words what is hidden, to hover over it just long enough for it to be revealed. The reveal what lies beyond magic, which anyway overwhelms the visitor to Oia, what is beyond the  "picturesqueness" of the blue Aegean with its simple Cycladic lines.

Fire in the Sea.
Volcanism and the Natural History of Santorin
i. (2000) by Walter L. Friedrich
Cambridge Univ Pr
An excellent and complete source of information on Santorini. Both for interested lay-men and students and researchers on Santorini.
Personally written, it contains many excellent color illustrations, pictures and historic sources. Translated by the famous volcanologist A. McBirney.

Excavations in santoriniSantorini Volcano (Geological Society Special Memoir, 19)
by T. H. Druitt & M. S. Davies (Universite Blaise Pascal, France), L. Edwards & R. S. J. Sparks (University of Bristol, UK), R. M. Mellors & D. M. Pyle (University of Cambridge, UK), M. Lanphere (US Geological Survey, USA) and B. Barreirio (British Geological Survey, UK)
Geological Society Pub House
Santorini has been the focus of significant scientific and scholastic interest because of the great Bronze Age explosive eruption that buried the Minoan town of Akrotiti.  Santorini is still active. It has been dormant since 1950, but there have been several substantial historic eruptions. Because of this potential risk to life, both for the indigenous population and for the large number of tourists who visit it, Santorini has been designated one of five European Laboratory Volcanoes by the European Commission. Santorini has long fascinated geologists, with some important early work on volcanoes being conducted there. Since 1980, research groups at Cambridge University, and later at the University of Bristol and Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferand, have collected a large amount of data on the stratigraphy, geochemistry, geochronology and petrology of the volcanics. The volcanic field has been remapped at a scale of 1:20 000. A remarkable picture of cyclic volcanic activity and magmatic evolution has emerged from this work. Much of this work has remained unpublished until now

Santorini and its Eruptions (Foundations of Natural History)  by Ferdinand A. Fouque, Alexander R. McBirney (Translator)  Johns Hopkins Univ Pr
Ferdinand Andre  Fouque, like his student and son-in-law Alfred Lacroix, is among the most glorious names of early volcanologists. His great work included some of the first in modern terms scientific studies on volcanoes as Santorini, Etna and the Azores, and contributed a lot to the development of modern volcanology.
The monograph "Santorin et ses Eruptions" was first published in 1879 as the result of years of intense geologic, but also archaeologic research. During the late '60s and 70's large amounts of pumice were quarried on Santorini and shipped to Egypt for the construction of the Suez channel. This activity brought to light the first remains of prehistoric settlements and Fouque was lucky to be among the first who were interested in these structures. During several years he also conducted excavations at own expenses. His notes, drawings and accurate descriptions of what by now has almost completely been forgotten or destroyed by later careless quarrying and building activity are therefore of immense value for archaeologists.
Santorin et ses Eruptions has been regarded as a standard reference for Santorini's geology and archaeology. Even now, is still among the most thorough and detailed studies concerning volcanism of Santorini. Most interesting are historical accounts of the formation of the Kameni islands, an awsomly detailed description of the 1866 eruption of Nea Kameni and a long chapter on the early archaeological founds of prehistoric settlements.
The English translation by Alexander McBirney fills a real and valuable hole of the volcanic literature.  Beyond being a simple translation it contains many critical remarks, an up-to-date summary table of the cronology of volcanism of Santorini, and a reference list that includes some titles of interesting early geologic and archaeologic studies- not only on Santorini- which hopefully will keep them from getting lost.-

Thera : Pompeii of the ancient Aegean  Christos Doumas
Thames and Hudson  
Prof. Doumas, director of the excavations of Akrotiri publishes the result of 15 years of excavation at the site.  For all who are interested in prehistoric archaeology of Thera, this is the

Atlantis bookstore in SantoriniThe End of Atlantis - New light on an Old Legend  J. V. Luce
Thames and Hudson
J.V. Luce has for many years made a close study of the Classical sources relating to the Atlantis legend- in particular of Plato, the originator of the story.
 he suggests that the core of the legend is a historic fact: the volcanic desaster on Santorini that in turn caused the destruction of Crete by floods as first proposed by Marinatos in 1950. His work is critical and tries to concentrate on archaeological and geological facts and on the available sources. The book is furthermore valuable because of its many photographs and illustrations as well as an detailed appendix.   

Atlantis. The Truth Behind the Legend
A. G. Galanopoulos, E. Bacon
Nelson (London), 1969
Galanopoulos and Bacon take Plato's reports on Atlantis as historic facts and present a model of pre-Minoan There that is postulated to be the metropolis of Atlantis. Even if some of the details at the present state of knowledge seem exaggerated or have to be modified the comparison of Santorini and Atlantis becomes astonishing. The authors succeed in bringing geologic evidence into agreement with the ancient report and find arguments that reject other Atlantis theories.
A must for whoever interested in serious interpretations of the Atlantis legend.   

Greek traditional architecture: Santorini
Dimitri Philippides,
Melissa Publishing Group,
This work helps the reader understand the traditional architecture of Santorini which has been studied by many scholars, Greek and foreign, including the famous French architect Le Corbusier. The existence of the volcano and the peculiarity of the island with its mysterious atmosphere have contributed to the development of a local architecture, based on the vault, quite distinct from the familiar architecture of the Aegean.

Santorini - Engravings and Drawings by Greek Artists
Publisher: Cultural Center "Megaro Gyzi" Athens 2007
The publication with title “Santorini - Engravings and Drawings by Greek Artists” is an edition of the Cultural Centre “Megaro Gyzi” . This bilingual edition, in Greek and English, includes 212 engravings and drawings of 50 Greek artists from 1866 to 2007 with Santorini as theme. It includes rare and significant engravings (woodcuts, etchings, lithographs) of 29 Greek artists, as Dimitris Galanis, Agelos Theodoropoulos, Gerasimos Steris, Yorgos Velissaridis etc. Drawings of 26 Greek artists, as Loukas Geralis, Athina Tarsouli, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Yannis Gaitis etc. are also presented.

fisherman frescoNelly's, Santorini 1925-1930
Archive of Santorinian Studies - Dimitris Tsitoura Collection, 2001
Languages: English, Greek
Rare book

Thera and the Aegean World III - Three volumes
Proceedings of the third international congress "Thera and the Aegean World III"
Volume One: Archaeology
Editors: D.A.Hardy with C.G.Doumas, J.A.Sakellarakis, P.M. Warren
Volume Two: Earth Sciences
Editors: D.A.Hardy with J. Keller, V.P. Galanopoulos, N.C. Flemming, T.H. Druitt
Volume Three: Chronology
Editors: D.A.Hardy with A.C. Renfrew

The Upper Side of the World by Kadio Kolymva Publisher: Armos Publications
Language: English
ISBN: 978-960-527-772-7
Pub. Date: 2013
"The Upper Side Of the World' is a novel.
A biography of a person and a place, a life full of storms and calms in Santorini and Piraeus, yesterday and today. A life indissolubly bound up with the sea, shipping and seamanship: from the sails of the schooner, to the Liberty Ships as indemnity for the War: from neighbourhood gatherings on the Island, to travels into Europe.

Thera or Santorini , Born From Tephra
Photographer - Publisher: George Meis
Panoramic shots up to 360
Texts in Greek, Englih and German by: Manolis Glezos, Voula Bozineki Didoni - Giorgis Vougioukalakis

The Wall-Paintings of Thera
Published by : Thera Foundation, Greece
Date: 1992
Edited by C. Doumas (Director of excavations in Akrotiri)
Received the Academy of Athens Award in 1993
Rare book

Santorini by George E. Vougioukalakis
- The history of Santorini's volcanoes
- The Minoan eruption and the Atlantis hypothesis
- Volcanic activity in historical times
- Thira Municipal Corporation for the Development of Culture and Tourism
- Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano

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