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Tomataki Santorinis

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The famous Santorini small tomato, known as «Tomataki Santorinis», is a unique variety that flourishes thanks to the arid soil of the island. It is unique of its kind.
It came from Suez and adapted easily to the volcanic soils of the island. In 1875 I. Kiriakos, a folklorist from Thira, described the Santorini small tomato as a golden apple.

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Glossary of Santorinian Flavours

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Psarolia: Small sun – dried fish, usually picarel

Tiravgoulo: A particular method of cooking lamb in a pot with a heavy cheese, egg and wine sauce.

Pseftokeftedes: Fried balls made with a base of grated Santorinian dry tomatoes and a choice of various ingredients, such as grated courgettes, spearmint, parsley, oregano and dill.

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The wines of Santorini

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A trip to Santorini is much more than a visit to the Caldera. Among many other things, it is also a gastronomic experience which will initiate you into the secrets of the best vineyards of Greece.
 If you had asked someone two decades ago what pictures the word Santorini brought to their mind, the answer would have been something about the Caldera and the sunset.
In the 80s, the wine producers of the island produced cheap bulk wine, while vineyards were easily sacrificed on the altar of a “room to let” or a “mini market”.

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a brief history of Santorinian gastronomy

Selene Restaurant in Santorini
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Santorini’s quiescent volcano, rich history, organic architecture, unique landscape, awesome sunsets and breathtaking beaches – these features combined have turned this Aegean island into one of the most celebrated holiday destinations in the world.

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2013 - Year of Gastronomy on Santorini

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An initiative of the Thera Municipality aimed at promoting the island as an international gastronomic destination.
Santorini 2013: Delectable, gastronomic, deliciously explosive

The eyes steady in the deep blue caldera, balance on the steep rocks and touch the white line of villages shining under the Aegean light.
Santorini, imperious and mysterious, captures the traveller’s senses.

In 2013, a year dedicated to the fruits of the dry volcanic land; the magnificent beauty is accompanied by unique flavors. Your stay will evolve into an unforgettable dining experience.

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