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Glossary of Santorinian Flavours

Melitinia:Traditional Easter dessert
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Psarolia: Small sun – dried fish, usually picarel

Tiravgoulo: A particular method of cooking lamb in a pot with a heavy cheese, egg and wine sauce.

Pseftokeftedes: Fried balls made with a base of grated Santorinian dry tomatoes and a choice of various ingredients, such as grated courgettes, spearmint, parsley, oregano and dill.

Fava Beans
Excavations at Akrotiri have proved that it has been cultivated non-stop for 3,500 years on the island. Ground in watermills, it ripens in cellars, and dries in the sun. In modern cooking it’s used as dough in tarts, fyllo pastry, or as an alternative to mash potato.

Favatokeftedes: Fried balls with a base of boiled fava beans, flavoured with spring onions and spearmint.

Psarakia to vounou Translated it means little fish of the mountain, but is actually freshly deep-fried white aubergines doused in sour tomato sauce..

Kolokitheri: Gtated pumpkin, cheese and honey pie..

Poulakia: Courgette flowers stuffed with rice, spearmint, oregano and other herbs.

Melitinia: Traditional Easter dessert, round in shape and filled with soft, mastic – scented cheese..

Putingka: Spongy dessert made of semolina and eggs, served with a Vinsanto sauce.

Kopania: A type of rudimentary “fondant” made with ground barley rusks, sesame seeds and raisins

Koufeto: Spoon sweet with honey and almonds, traditionally prepared for festivities, weddings and engagements.

Riza: Traditional local sweet pie with pumpkin, honey and rice boiled in milk.

Kassia: Stuffed sweet calzone with orange zest, usually eaten during carnival.

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