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Santorini a unique island

Theoskepasti in santorini
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Santorini is a unique island in the middle of the vast blue ocean with a breathless view from any part of the beautiful cliffed land you may look. A magic island which hangs over a bottomless abysses.  Dry landscape with the houses riming the cliff tops, over the chaos of the flooded caldera and a charming hinterland with medieval villages and castles. A black and red rock in the very middle of the Aegean Sea, what was left behind from the land which was lost in the abyss, after a tremendous explosion of the volcano in the mid- second millennium B.C.

Towards the west part of the island the huge curt rocks, decked in the top with white washed houses, are diving softly in the water. These steep western coasts are transformed to endless beaches with pebbles or black –white and grey sand if you move to the east.

The  capital of Santorini is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Fira is built in one of the most impressive parts of the island on the curt cliffs at 260 m. above the sea.

sun set in santoriniOia
Oia is the first village you will see from the ship as you sail in the caldera and look over. Oia stretched on the rocks over Armeni and the spectacular part of Ammoudi.

Imerovigle is situated about 3 km far from Fira in the rim of caldera overlooking the strange red rock of Skaros, which was once a Venetian castle – fortified settlement.


Pirgos is a medieval ornament dominating over a full where you can look around the island from Akrotiri to Oia. It is a castle which still maintains the characteristics of the Venetic empire, full of small churches and ruins.

Archeological place of Akrotiri
The ancient town of Akrotiri is the most important archeological discovery in the Eastern Mediteranean. The French mechanic Ferdinaud De Lesseps had already found the prehistoric antiquities even from 1866, the excavations however started in 1870 from the French school of archaeology. From 1967 Sp. Marinatos revealed this amazing settlement. The explosion of the volcano (1600 b.c.) covered the ancient town with lava and preserved it in an excellent situation during the centuries, just how it happened in Pompei. The big area (about 200 acres), the perfect urban planning, the sewer network, the elaborated high rise building with the amazing frescoes, the luxurious furniture everything is a testimony of the splendor of the town.


The island of Thirasia
It is an untouchable island with very few citizens which is the station for the tour boats. Thirasia was a part of Santorini which was cut after the explosion of the volcano during the 3rd century b.c.

The sunset in Oia
Enjoy the famous sunset in Oia with the hundreds of tourist every afternoon.

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