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Route Fira-Megalohori-Perivolos-Perissa

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Drive south parallel to the Caldera from Fira on the so called "Fira's straight" road with direction to the port. The view is exceptional during the whole route. You will first pass by the old mines where it is worth taking pictures of the volcano.

At the end of this straight (3,6 km from Fira), ascend to the right to reach an intersection from which the road on the left leads to Pyrgos  and the straight one leads to the intersection to the port, Megalohori

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Firostefani in Santorini

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The world famous village of Firostefani is situated at the northern west part of Santorini Island. As its name indicates – in Greek means the Crown of Fira – Firostefani is the most prominent part of Fira, the capital of Santorini. Lying 350 meters above sea level, Firostefani literally surveys the sea of Caldera and Santorini’s Volcano. Well known for its hotels, private homes and restaurants, Firostefani is the place to stay in Santorini. Firostefani is in a very close proximity to Fira which concentrates all the stores, restaurants, bars and nightlife of Santorini Island. The walking path that leads Firostefani to Fira is an attraction by itself, providing you with amazing views of the Volcano and the Caldera, along with tranquility and a cool breeze from the sea of Caldera.

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Route Fira-Firostefani-Imerovigli-Oia

Route Fira-Firostefani-Imerovigli-Oia
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This route connects four of the most popular settlements of the Caldera.

If you are visiting Santorini during high season (June-August) you should know that the central Theotokopoulos square is closed for vehicles and you will have to take a detour. 

Firostefani and Imerovigli are only 1 km and 2,5 km away from Fira, respectively. There are parking lots in both villages and you will find several walking paths leading to the Caldera in order to enjoy the view.

Exiting Imerovigli you will come upon an intersection. On your right-hand side is the road coming from Kontohori . The road ahead leads to Vourvoulos settlement and Vourvoulos beach. You can take route 2 to Culumbos and Baxedes-Paradeisos beach by turning left (north) further down the road leading to this beach. The left-hand side road leads to Oia. This is one of the most amazing routes on the island. The total distance is 9,5 km. On your right you will have a view of the NE beaches and the Aegean Sea.

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Imerovigli in Santorini

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According to state files of the Catholic Bishopric of Thira, built-up web existed in the region from late 16th century. Imerovigli (or Merovigli) is a linear settlement which was developed on the edge of the cliff along the Caldera. It offers impressive view to the volcano. Fira and Imerovigli are just 3 km apart and there is access either from the asphalt road, or the cobblestone old path leading from Fira to Firostefani and Imerovigli.

The name Imerovigli comes from the words imera (day) and vigla (watchtower). Since it was at the top of the Caldera, it is possible that a lookout post for the pirates' ships once stood here.

Visitors admire the architecture of the picturesque and peacefull village, which attracts –as it happens to all the other settlments on the Caldera- tourism of a high level.

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