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Route Fira-Megalohori-Perivolos-Perissa

Fira from caldera
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Drive south parallel to the Caldera from Fira on the so called "Fira's straight" road with direction to the port. The view is exceptional during the whole route. You will first pass by the old mines where it is worth taking pictures of the volcano.

At the end of this straight (3,6 km from Fira), ascend to the right to reach an intersection from which the road on the left leads to Pyrgos  and the straight one leads to the intersection to the port, Megalohori

Take route  to port, Megalohori, Akrotiri. Soon after Megalohori instead of turning right to Akrotiri, head straight (SE) to Emporio. There is a sign in 500 m showing the way to Vlychada -a short and beautiful 3 km route through vineyards and impressive formations of volcanic rocks.

Route Fira to PerissaEmporio streches on both sides of the main road. At the entrance there is a road on the right leading to the beach of Aghios Georgios and further ahead a sign showing the way to Perivolos beach. The main road passes through the settlement leading SE towards Perissa behind the coastal settlement and ends in the edge of the cove where the church of Timios Stavros is located.
Perissa is a large beach together with Perivolos and Aghios Georgios. You can of course go from Perissa to Perivolos and vice versa following the seaside road that passes in front of restaurants, hotels, beach bars, shops.

- A secondary asphalt road connects Vlychada to Aghios Georgios, Perivolos and Perissa.

- There is a sign showing the way to the mills at the entrance of Emporio. You can admire the impressive Goulas from afar and near it the church of Aghia Kyriaki and the two chapels dedicated to Ierarches and Aghios (St) Artemios. The Kasteli of Emporio, one of the five castles existed in the medieval period, is not visible from the main road but it is definitely worth a visit.

- Residents of the nearby regions come to Emporio for shopping. There are also grill houses in the area. Gas stations are located near the settlement.

- Many beach bars, restaurants, hotels, rooms to let, mini markets and shops are located in Perivolos and Perissa

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